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Megan Allinson

Account Director

Risk Taker
Dog Lover

Megan’s mantra: Run hard but have fun doing it.

At age 14 Megan knew she wanted to live in NYC. A few years later, she knew she wanted to be a business major. So how did she end up at an ad agency in the Boston area? Well, seeing the movie Picture Perfect made her want to go into advertising, so after college she went to NYC and landed a job at Wunderman. It was the right choice—she quickly became intrigued with the way data and creative came together to inform marketing strategy and motivate consumer decisions. The ability to test, track, analyze, and optimize campaign data across audience segments became essential to her work.

What sold Megan on Wilde? She saw the move as a great opportunity to work with people who believe as strongly in the synergy of creative and data as she does.

Today, Megan’s been in marketing and advertising for over 11 years (33% of her life). She’s worked across multiple disciplines (direct, RM, digital and traditional marketing) and diverse industries (consumer, insurance, healthcare/pharma, automotive, and hospitality).


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    Megan Allinson

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