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Lianne Wade

Vice President,
Customer Insight

Patriots Fan
Late Bloomer
Fair & Balanced
Wine Lover

Lianne is passionate about developing customer insights that drive marketing strategies and deliver great results for our clients.

Lianne has always liked to learn about and understand people. As a child, she devoured the Ladies Home Journal column “Can this marriage be saved?” She loved reading about the psyches and problems with a couple’s relationship, and how the problems could be solved. And in her professional life, she does the same thing – except with marketing challenges.

As a huge fan of People magazine, Lianne can be counted on to know which celebrities have had an affair with whom, as well as whether they’ve had plastic surgery, and how many times they’ve been married and to whom. Hmmm, there seems to be a marriage theme here. In case you’re wondering, Lianne is happily married!


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  • Lianne Wade

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