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Joseph J. Sanchez

Social Media Manager

Music Lover
Pet Guardian

Approaching the internet world with an artistic curiosity

A 2007 graduate of Wesleyan University, Joe studied printmaking and ancient Greek art in the classroom, while simultaneously developing extracurricular skills in blogging, public relations and social media amplification.

He has since spent eight years in a variety of digital content management roles, which have included – running customer service for a niche social networking startup, operating the website of an NYC nightlife magazine, and generating over 30,000 pageviews for blog entries about thoroughly sophisticated, intellectual topics like Mark Ruffalo.

Friends have described Joe as enthusiastic, clever and brilliant, and he swears he didn’t have to pay them to say all of these nice things. In his spare time, he enjoys curating playlists and sharpening his illustration skills, and he has been known to build relationships with brands and celebrities on Twitter that are stronger than 90% of his real-life relationships with other human beings.
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  • Joseph J. Sanchez

    Joseph J. Sanchez

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