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7 Ways to Use Social Proof in a Direct Marketing Offer

Posted by Tony Leland on Tue, May 29, 2012 @ 15:05 PM

The rule of social proof: what is social proof and how can we use it? 

One of the key motivational triggers for marketing campaigns is understanding social proof.  social proofThe concept of social proof is that we look to others to guide our behavior.  Part of this reassurance is because we want to fit in, and part of this is because we want to see what everyone else is doing.

There are every day examples of social proof where you may subconciously be motivated to do something.  For example, we see tips already "seeded" in the tip jar and that makes us more inclined to leave a tip.  We see attendees listed in an evite and we are more likely to respond that we will attend.

The concept of social proof is powerful, but how do you use this as a marketer?  Here are 7 tips for using social proof for Direct Marketing Conversions:

  1. Use testimonials.  Sharing the experience of clients enables new clients to feel comforted that they are in good company. 
  2. Use Case Studies.  Case studies are important because they provide a background for how you helped others.
  3. Show similar situations.  Using pictures to show clients or prospect using your product are great.  The more similar they are to the target, the stronger they provide social proof.
  4. Announce how many sold.  McDonalds used to do this... By listing how many have been served or how many are sold, it helps to influence new users (that many people can't be wrong, right?).
  5. Display certifications or seals of approval.  If you have won awards or received a certification, that means that others have found your services to be helpful.
  6. Cite favorable reviews.  If you got great reviews, crow and share them.  Again, they could resonate with prospects, especially if the prospect has a similar situation.
  7. Associate with respected organizations.  If you work with respected media or organizations, that also creates an aura of credibility. 

Understanding that sharing social proof can make the difference between conversions is powerful.  No one wants to be in a vacuum, and if others are using your services or product, let your prospect know they are in good company.  Use the power of social proof to propel your conversions to new levels.

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