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Clint Eastwood was not at NEDMA 2012, but Harry was

Posted by Michelle Martineau on Tue, May 22, 2012 @ 16:05 PM

Dirty HarryWhat is it about guys named Harry and their ability to stop you dead in your tracks with one compelling question? Yesterday a different Harry (not at all “Dirty”) asked a standing room only crowd at the NEDMA 2012 conference a loaded question, “And then what?”

Harry Gold, Founder and CEO of Overdrive Interactive and expert columnist for ClickZ, was talking about how to truly harness the power of social media marketing. And according to Harry, it all comes down to three little words.

Before you post on Facebook, tweet on Twitter, or upload a free case study to your website, you’ve got to ask yourself one question, “And then what? Let’s face it; we’re talking about media that is “social” by definition. So, it’s not only impolite to start a conversation and then walk away, it’s also not very social-minded or practical either. Yet, that’s precisely what a lot of us do when we post things without thinking through the next steps.

For example, what if I write a blog post about this really terrific session at NEDMA and someone comments favorably on it? Yay me. Then what? Well, I guess I could ask them to share the article. Yeah, that’s a good idea. …and then what? Okay, well after they share it, maybe I could send them a quick shout out and say, “Hey, thanks for sharing—you rock!”…and then what? We could go on like this forever, but I learned at the NEDMA conference that blog posts should be short. Still, you get the idea.

To successfully integrate social media into your marketing mix, you have to establish a workflow that includes triggered actions so you can continue the dialog. Otherwise, what’s the point? As a brand, you’re not looking for a one-time engagement with prospects and customers; you want a lifelong relationship, don’t you? Of course you do.

If you want people to listen to you and repeat what you say, you have to say or create something “shareworthy” and not just once but continuously. It’s a conversation folks. Sure, it’s an investment. And yes it will require some time on your part, but isn’t that true about most relationships that are worth having?

If you thought this post was “shareworthy” then by all means share it.

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