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Sink or Swim: Direct Marketing Or Social Media Marketing

Posted by Jody Raines on Fri, Mar 16, 2012 @ 11:03 AM

direct marketing agencySocial media has become today’s marketing darling.  It’s sexy, it’s new and it’s exciting.  Results can be visualized quickly and especially with a viral component, the number of impressions can be astounding.

Yet it's easy to drown in this sea of opportunity if you don't have the right survival instinct and tools to stay afloat.

How can we blend new marketing with traditional marketing so that it doesn't become a sink or swim situation?

This new way of marketing may not mean that we should abandon the tried and true traditional approaches.  We can keep our head above water while learning how to swim in these oceans of information.

How we take the best of all worlds and navigate them into a unified program will be determined when we generate dialogue, elicit a response or provide a way for customers to become advocates of your brand.  Our ability to create a shipshape program depends upon our understanding of new marketing approaches and how we can evolve our go-to-market strategies though selecting the best media.

Many marketers are questioning the best marketing mix and how to achieve and measure results.  Whether you are discussing  print, digital, broadcast, mobile or experiential marketing, the right mix will reach the consumer and surround them with a consistent message about your product or brand.

Some customers enjoy the tactile approach of direct mail or print.  With the range of papers, printing methods and creative design trends, coupled with personalizing, direct mail can have an incredible impact to motivate your customer to take action.

Comparing the laser focus of direct mail to the organic component of social media may be a difficult objective.  The audience for social media, while growing, is skewed toward a younger demographic, and a more technologically advanced or accepting audience.  If social media is used exclusively, the ability to reach certain segments of your market may be less than desired.

Broadcast and digital media are both wonderful ways to reach a large audience.  The question today is whether broadcast has suffered by becoming less popular, losing audience and viewership to the Internet and more instant services.

There are effective ways to incorporate both traditional media with new media to virtually surround your customer with your message.  There are tricks to blending the various medias so they complement and work together, creating a brand message that supersedes any one platform.

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