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How To Improve Direct Mail Response Rates For Healthcare Marketing

Posted by Jody Raines on Mon, Apr 9, 2012 @ 12:04 PM

healthcare marketing, health care marketing, health care direct responseIn today’s competitive environment health care marketing has evolved to include personalized direct mail compaigns.  Since competition for services is fierce,  providers are searching for cost effective marketing campaigns to engage with prospects, and potential clients.

Personalized communications add intrinsic value to direct marketing.  A personalized marketing campaign will dramatically improve the open rate. 

When it comes to monitoring and proving the return on marketing dollars, direct mail is measurable - there is a definite correlation between the efficiency of the campaign and the conversion rate.  

Direct marketing for health care typically consists of communications to members, and communications to prospective members.  Direct marketing works well for a defined audience in a defined geographic area.

Confidential, variable data can be merged with content to create highly personalized communications that differentiate health care providers.  A great healthcare marketing program  will identify the key drivers for the targeted audience and then define the appeal for each of these triggers.

There are three key ingredients to a successful direct mail campaign for healthcare marketing:

The List - An active direct mail list can be a treasure for customer relationship marketing.  Companies must maintain a current member database that can also be leveraged for marketing efforts and outreach.

The Offer - Share information as well as an offer about a product or service, The best offers are without obligation and the less you require, the more likely your prospect is to respond. Suggested offers could include industry trend reports, special discounts, or a trial program.  Especially if the trial is perceived to have value and requires a time investment by the prospect, it has a greater chance of 'sticking'.  

The Copy - Behavioral science including psychological triggers, combined with direct marketing best practices will drive the intended conversion.  Personalization, because it appeals directly to the recipient, will improve conversions.

Combining traditional marketing channels with new media enhances the opportunity for the message to be heard, and consquently, lead generation results.

Especially in healthcare related direct marketing, when the content is highly personalized, it's important to work with a partner that understands the nature of the highly confidential information and can provide integrity and security for your database and content.

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