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5 Important Direct Marketing Keywords That Work

Posted by Jody Raines on Mon, Jan 16, 2012 @ 11:01 AM

best practices direct marketingWhen creating your direct marketing campaign,  there are certain direct marketing best practices that help to improve conversions.  One such practice is using language that resonates with your audience.

Some of the best offers with direct mail have ‘magic phrases’ that are more likely to evoke a response than other phrases.  Testing these phrases is a great idea in a dynamic media like a website or the Internet... a printed direct mail campaign is less flexible and the content must be immediately engaging.

Magic phrases of direct marketing:
Some phrases and keywords will pull more response than others.  Here’s a short list of some of the most powerful phrases:


  1. FREE.  Yes, ‘free’ does work best.  Even if used in a way that seems redundant, such as “free gift” versus “gift”, using the word “Free” is a powerful tool for conversions.
  2. NO OBLIGATION.  When coupled with the word “Free”, this makes an offer more reassuring and less scary to jump into.
  3. LIMITED TIME.  Having a deadline for response creates a sense of immediacy.  Without a timed opportunity, the tendency may be to put the offer away to look at it more thoroughly later.  Giving a time ultimatum moves the importance to a more immediate review.
  4. NEW.  This is a great way to have people take another look.  Who doesn’t want to see what the new features are, especially if they liked or purchased before.
  5. ANNOUNCING. Another powerful motivator - people like to know that they are among the first to view something or to be int he know.  Using “announcing” triggers an early response mechanism.

What other words have you noticed that trigger action?  Are there words that you’ve used that you find important motivators?

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