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Make Your Target Market Curious

H/T Collider

When attempting to market your company’s services or products directly to an audience, it is vital that you begin this process by piquing your target market’s interest.  In order to fully grasp the attention of potential customers and implement a successful campaign, it is essential to use psychological triggers. Psychological triggers are certain ways in which direct marketing agencies can reach out and affect human behavior – just like how we do at Wilde Agency.  By using this strategic method and inserting these triggers into your marketing plan, you cannot only keep your target market interested but also emotionally connected. 

Integrated Marketing Week with Nancy Harhut

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Our own Chief Creative Officer, Nancy Harhut, is speaking at DMA's Integrated Marketing Week next week in New York City! On Thursday, June 13, Nancy Harhut will be presenting “Scientific Secrets Revealed: 7 Ways to Motivate Behavior in Any Channel”.

Art, Copy & Code


written by Wilde Agency's intern, Taylor.

Make a Stand: A Guide to Positioning Statements

Melissa Dietrich

Ask a marketer what a positioning statement is and you may get a myriad of answers. You might get a slogan, a creative logo, a campaign, a marketing plan – guess what? None of these are the positioning statement. The positioning statement should be a part of each of these, but it isn’t definitively one of these projects – in fact, it’s probably scattered across all these creative pieces. How are you supposed to sift through the terminology and presentation slides to see what message the company is trying to convey? Effective marketing shouldn’t – and doesn’t – imitate a game of Clue.

FutureM So Far (or Why We're Loving Our Lives This Week)


After our second whirlwind day at FutureM has wound down, it's safe to say we're loving our time at the conference so far!

Back to the Future...FutureM!

FutureM Geography resized 600 resized 600

Can you make an impact, marketing-wise, on an individual’s reflexive decisions? Would you want to hone your marketing and psychology skills to find out what drives a consumer’s automatic tendencies? You can find out from Wilde Agency’s Chief Creative Officer Nancy Harhut and President Neal Boornazian this fall; they will be presenting at FutureM in Boston in October!

2012 USPS® QR Code Discount


As the mobile technology sector continues its rapid growth, the US Postal Service is again giving marketers a push to take advantage of the useful tools at their disposal. After a successful first run in 2011, USPS will be bringing back their Mobile Commerce & Personalization Promotion for the summer of 2012.

Why Choose Direct Marketing Agencies Over Social Media

direct marketing agencies

Social media marketing is the new darling of the business marketing community.  It's inexpensive, it's "new" and people are using it everywhere.  But what are we, as marketers leaving on the table?

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