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John Sisson of Wilde Agency

The Von Restorff Effect: How Being Different Can Make Your Marketing More Memorable

January 18, 2017

By John Sisson and Colin Heward Different is not necessarily better or worse, but it is memorable. This is the theory of the Von Restorff Effect. Particularly, when we have a group of things that fit together, t [...]

Cognitive Fluency Infographic

[INFOGRAPHIC] Make It Even Easier: 5 More Ways To Increase Cognitive Fluency

January 12, 2017

By Burr Johnson and Sharon Martin By some estimates, we spend between eight and ten hours a day online, with much of our web content and social media surrounded by and including marketing messages. And this doesn’t [...]


Use The Science Of Human Behavior To Improve Results

January 9, 2017

As a pioneer in applying the science of human behavior in marketing, we are frequently asked by clients and prospects to evaluate their current creative, based on their desire to improve their marketing performance. Usin [...]

bowl of potato chips

The Consistency Principle: 5 Simple Ways To Increase Content Consumption

January 4, 2017

By Nancy Harhut (Chief Creative Officer) Does your content have the power of a potato chip? It should. Because you know what they say about those potato chips — “you can’t eat just one!” Wouldn’t it be [...]


Year In Review: 10 Essential Content Marketing Tips From Our Most Popular Posts Of 2016

December 21, 2016

"Boring" is the last word anyone would use to describe 2016. The past year was packed with a shocking amount of highs and lows, some of which left us questioning the difference between up and down. Nevertheless, the s [...]


An Interview With Susan Sieloff: Expert Tips For Compelling Case Studies

December 14, 2016

Susan Sieloff is a professor at the D’Amore-McKim School of Business at Northeastern University. Along with her specialty in marketing strategy and retailing, she has a passion for both writing and publishing case s [...]